Great results from latest phishing campaign


As you all know, we periodically send out a test phishing email as part of our cyber security awareness program. If you've ever clicked on one of these test messages, you know that you get re-directed to an information page that informs you that you've clicked on a phishing email. As you might expect we track the statistics behind each phishing campaign (we call it a "click rate") so that we can see whether or not our program is working.

I have some good news for you. You are doing very well! The graph below tells the story.

Our first phishing campaign had a click rate of 14.6%. When we got to the 3.15% click rate we switched to the "Tier 3" or hardest level of test message. As you can see, even that was no match for your awareness skills - as of the last campaign we're back to a 4% click rate.  What does that mean? According to the program guidelines:

  • a click rate of 10% or greater, it's best to continue training at the same Tier level
  • A click rate of 5%-10% is considered good and organizations that achieve it may want to consider moving onto the next Tier level
  • A click rate of 5% or less is considered an extremely good score and organisations that achieve this score should move to the next Tier

Well, we're alread at the highest Tier! And we're below 5%! So, what does that mean? Simply put, the challenge now is to keep that score under 5%. Don't worry though...we've got some plans to help us all stay sharp and keep that score low.

During October, which is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the months beyond we'll be rolling out a number of initiatives designed to keep you informed of the latest tricks the bad guys are pulling and ways to keep yourself and RRU safe in the on-line world. So stay tuned!

Once again - well done! Your vigilence is greatly appreciated.