Grouping our policies on the web

Bobbi Bjornholt
Bringing our Policiy information together online

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent online activity to test the information architecture of our website. Activities like this one allow us to gather very useful information about the way people are best able to find information on our site and how well our site performs.

One of the first areas that we propose to hone in on in the new year is to consolidate the RRU policies and procedures that are currently posted in various sections of the website. Bringing this similar content together will enable our users to more easily search for and find this material. In addition, pulling these policies and procedures into a more central location will also lay the foundation for us to be able to use this content in new ways, in order to create a better user experience, and to support some other exciting and upcoming projects.

How can I stay informed?

  • Watch Crossroads for upcoming information as we roll out these changes.
  • Feedback or questions about our websites are always welcome through the link to "Website Feedback" found in the footer of our website.