Guest visits from Dunsmuir days to RRU today


Our Branding, Marketing and Recruitment team along with President Allan Cahoon had a couple guests stop by our offices last week, Art Sherwin, 92 years of age along with his grandson Logan Graham.  Logan asked his grandfather to bring him to campus for an inspirational tour as he was recently awarded the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University and thought seeing RRU and learning about the rich history of our grounds from his grandfather before he left for the UK was something he needed to do.

Here ‘s where our guest's story comes to life, Art was the chauffeur’s son to James Dunsmuir and grew up right here on campus in the Mews Conference Centre.  Art’s once childhood bedroom is now the office of Marco Qaqish, Marketing Manager. Art stops by the campus and the Mews as often as he can with family reminiscing and sharing tidbits he vividly recalls from his childhood here.  Art shared many fond memories of growing up on the Dunsmuir estate and what it was like to be the chaffeur's son in such a place.

From the spring that apparently runs beneath the Mews Conference Centre, to the favorite horse of the family that was buried just under the parking lot, off to the left of the lower Mews.  One of his many highlights was the importance placed on growing gardens both vegetable and flower and number of experts and workers that were brought in to make them the finest. He shared the rich culture he grew up in, filled with diversity as many of workers joined the Dunsmuir estate from China.  Because we had such a wonderful visit with Art we wanted to share the highlights with each of you, so that should you see this dapper young 92 year old walking across on campus, you’ll take the time to introduce yourself and share a few stories.