Happy 25th Birthday, Royal Roads!

25th Anniversary

25 years ago, a quiet revolution took place. Royal Roads University was established with one purpose: to do things differently. To create a place of higher learning where programs are inspired by the real world, and the latest tools and techniques are accessible to those who want to enhance their skills. Where a blended learning model enables students to transform their lives and careers, without putting either on hold. Where students learn with – and from – like-minded professionals around the globe, expanding their networks and adding value to their lives forever.

And for every day since, we’ve been challenging our students to embody that same entrepreneurial spirit. To bravely see possibility where others don’t. To take the power of our place, every place, as they pioneer their own journey of lifelong learning. And to seek out experiences that continue to impact their lives in ways Royal Roads University has and always will. Experiences that are Life. Changing.


This year marks the 25th anniversary of Royal Roads University. We are so proud of what we have become and excited for what the future holds. Thank you to past and present staff, faculty, students, alumni and community partners, including the local Indigenous communities, military, government and donors for their contributions to the success of our institution and their continued support.

Thanks to President Steenkamp for helping us launch the anniversary look and feel at today’s Campus Conversation. You can access the 25th anniversary creative assets through our Brand Centre. We will continue to add resources as they become available. Contact your marketing specialist with any questions about how you can use the designs. 

We will be celebrating throughout the year and hope you help us to commemorate this important milestone. Watch Crossroads for upcoming events and announcements.