Healthy U: September events on and off campus


As we roll into September, life seems to get more hectic all of a sudden. Back to school preparations, busier commutes and the mourning of summer holidays can lead to stress this time of year. Make sure to take time in your days to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us at Royal Roads University. Get outside, breathe deeply, take a walk, sit at the lagoon and listen to the birds, go to the gym, clear your mind in the forest. There are so many options that don’t cost anything and take very little time.

There are many great events happening over the next month in the communities around Victoria. The weather is still warm, farmers markets still abound with fresh produce and it’s fall fair season.

Wishing you a smooth transition and a happy month of September.

RRU Recreation Centre

Don’t forget a year membership for staff and faculty is only $65 ($67.20 with tax). Check out the Rec Centre website for an up-to-date court and class schedule.

Royal Roads Events


Government of Canada’s September 2019 health promotion days

Walmsley and Associates 

Our new Employee and Family Assistance Provider has some great resources in their Wellness Library. Visit the Walmsley page on our HR website for log-in information. Topic listings include:

  • Family
  • Nutrition
  • Substance use
  • Trauma resilience
  • Emotional health/wellness
  • Work/career
  • Work/family/life balance
  • Wellness apps (such as Headspace for meditation, Mindshift for anxiety, Smoke Free for smoking cessation)

The Healthy U team