Highly recommended: Ken Christie’s new book

RRU Staff

Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want, written by School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Kenneth Christie and Associate Faculty member Robert J. Hanlon, was reviewed by J.A. Rhodes of Luther College for the December issue of CHOICE. CHOICE is the leading publication for academic libraries in North America.

From Rhodes:

“Canadian academics Hanlon and Christie have written a primer for an emerging interdisciplinary subfield, human security, which places the focus on individual persons—not nation-states—and how issues that cut across national boundaries impact individuals. The book provides a practical resource for undergraduates to explore issues like climatic change, terrorism, humanitarian intervention, and international crime, and then to evaluate various courses of action that would confront the issue successfully. The work is organized in three sections: examination of contending theoretical perspectives on human security, conflict, and development; evaluation of "top-down" and "bottom-up" approaches to resolving conflict through governance and intervention; and exploration of the relationship between development, globalization, and human security. In addition, the work has a full glossary, lists of websites, and an extensive bibliography. It is a unique, valuable, up-to-date work that belongs in most academic libraries, and that could also serve as a textbook for an introductory undergraduate course in human security. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty.”

Visit the Royal Roads Library to borrow Christie and Hanlon’s book.