Hoarding coffee pods? Break free!


For four years, the staff at the Centre for Coaching and Workplace Innovation have been hoarding used coffee pods (in fact, 50lbs of coffee pods!) with the hope that single-serve coffee producers would find eco-friendly solutions to recycling and production.

Sustainability-focused Rebecca Bosma sought out TerraCycle which has partnerships with many single-serve machine makers, where the companies actually pay for the recycling, not the customer. Free shipping of selected recyclable items, collection points adding up to cash for chosen charities, and items are upcycled into new products! The coffee pods would become products such as garbage cans, watering cans, benches, cutting boards, playgrounds and plastic lumber!

You might want to check out TerraCycle for your hard-to-recycle items at the office or at home. Read more on progress from CBC: Compostable or recyclable pods are in the works, but it's not a simple problem.