ICYMI: Teaching with Technology Showcase

Tami Saj

You didn't miss the Teaching with Technology (TwT) Showcase, did you? Not to worry, here's a recap ..and some new resources... for you!

On Sept 22nd, over 100 faculty, staff and students attended the TwT Showcase event either online or in the Quarterdeck. Participants heard brief presentations on 8 projects and visited poster session-type booths to learn more about the research and findings of the projects.

You can view the Livestream recordings of the presentations, as well as of a tour led by Roberta Mason of several booths.

Visit the Teaching with Technology Showcase 2015-2016 space to learn more about the projects and how you could immediate use of findings and resources. On this site, each project provides a 2-minute video as well as information on the technologies used and suggestions for how others can get involved.

Teaching with Technology grants are a way for faculty and instructional designers to work together to incorporate new technologies into learning environments.  This year’s Teaching with Technology grants were focused on team-based learning as part of the TeamsWork initiative, culminating in the Showcase of projects that received funding.