IESS welcomes Keil Kodama

IESS welcomes Keil Kodama

Hello RRU Community,

I am super happy to share this exciting news!! I will have two assistants, who will be working with me for the next few months!!

I want to take the time to e-introduce Keil Kodama, who started today (April 3, 2018).

Keil comes with a wealth of information about community partnerships, cultural competency and knowledge of Indigenous people of Canada. Keil has a BA in Political Science with a Minor in Indigenous Studies from the University of Victoria. Keil’s work experience includes contract work with the Moose Hide Campaign, an Indigenous grassroots movement that works to end violence against women and girls, primarily by engaging men. Keil has been exposed to a broad range of responsibilities with the campaign, including, regularly organized and attended events, provided strategic writing and communications, creating content for the campaign’s website and social media and liaising with the youth engagement team to bring the campaign into high schools and universities. Keil has also worked for Indigenous leadership team and participated as a student in a number of Indigenous course and classes at Camosun College and University of Victoria.

Last year, Keil attended and volunteered for RRU, National Indigenous Day celebrations, which will assist him in making this year’s event plans, operations and the ability to provide the logistics required to make a smooth, fun and engaging event this year. Keil will have the task to assist with this big event, as well as other different RRU community events and meeting, including administration work assigned by me over the next few months. Keil will also be working along-side Lauren Petersen (e-introduction to come week of April 16), who will be joining us with the multiple-tasks throughout the next few months.

Keil and Lauren will be working in Sneq’wa e’lun (Blue Heron House), above my office.

Please take a moment to welcome Keil to RRU!

All my relations,

Hay’sxw’qa Si’em!      
ƛ̓eeko ƛ̓eeko