IEW 2014 Photo Contest Winners


The Office of Global Advancement is very pleased to announce the winners of our annual Photo Contest, held in honour of International Education Week 2014. A beautiful array of photographs were submitted across four categories by RRU students, staff, faculty and alumni. Prizes were awarded in all four categories, including one prize for Best Overall Photo. Winning submissions were as follows:

Best Overall Photo
Winner: Matthew Parreira
Photo Description: Canada, after traveling most of Europe and Asia, I still find as the most beautiful country in the world. This picture was snapped at Lac Beauvert in Jasper Park Lodge. In this one picture it shows 3 of the most valued and iconic characteristics; Mountains, Lakes, and Forest. The fact that in May I could play golf and ski in the same day is just one of the very neat and special characteristics of this amazing country.

Category A – What is the best thing about studying at Royal Roads?
Winner: Marek Rogowicz

Category B – What is the best thing about living in Canada?
Winner: Dmitry Kuleshov

Category C – What does multiculturalism mean to you?
Winner: Thea Liu

Category D – What is a highlight of your experiences abroad?
Winner: Matthew Parreira

The Office of Global Advancement would like to congratulate all winners on their very well-deserved awards and simultaneously extend a warm thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, from contributors to voters. Because of your enthusiasm, participation and support, International Education Week 2014 has been a wonderful success. We are so proud of our talented RRU community!