ILC - Call for presentations


Call for Presentations

RESEARCH THAT MATTERS: 2nd Annual Royal Roads University Graduate Conference in Innovative Learning

November 9, 2015 (one day before Fall Convocation), 9:00am – 5:00pm

Royal Roads University Campus

Presentation submission deadline: June 30, 2015

Organized by the network (

Registration FREE for all presenters and those in attendance

The Royal Roads University Graduate Conference in Innovative Learning is an opportunity for graduating RRU learners to present their innovative research before an audience of graduating peers, friends and family, and RRU staff and faculty. Whether conducted as a thesis, major research project/paper, research project/paper, or as part of any course project, individual or team-based innovative research carried out as part of any Royal Roads undergraduate or graduate program will be eligible for acceptance into the program.

Innovative learning is learning that creates novel opportunities to generate knowledge, to empower, and make a difference. Innovative learning allows for research that explores novel models of knowledge generation and dissemination, new ways of knowing and learning, meaningful practices of participatory action, emerging technologies, reflective engagement, and qualitative and transformative inquiry. Innovative learning, in sum, consists of research that matters: research that exits the classroom and the university and that plays a meaningful role in the public domain.

The organizing committee welcomes all forms of innovative learning, but especially invites those that have reached out to the general public (e.g. either through popular publication or media attention) or those that have made an impact with a targeted stakeholder group and community (e.g. either through forms of collaborative inquiry or problem-solving action research).

To submit a presentation please email (by June 30) a 150 word abstract that (a) summarizes the subject matter of your innovative research and that (b) explains the ways in which it is innovative (i.e. by describing its outreach and/or impact outside the classroom). Also please be sure to provide a short biographical note (max. 50 words) that mentions briefly who you are and what Royal Roads University program you are graduating from.

Accepted presenters will be notified promptly. Presentations will be organized into thematic sessions. Each presenter will have 10 minutes to present (audio/visual equipment will be available). Time for Q/A will be allowed at the end of each session. For any questions, email the convenor, Phillip Vannini: