Important academic policy updates

Important academic policy updates

A number of important policy updates have been approved over the past few weeks. Changes are summarized below.

Board Policies

  • Academic Plan Policy – Approved – replaces the Education Plan Policy from 2000
  • Academic Quality Assurance Policy – Approved – replaces the RRU Academic Quality Assurance Policy from 2007

Academic Council Policies

  • Academic Programs Policy – Approved – formerly the Academic Council Quality Assurance policy
  • Curriculum Quality Assurance Policy – Retired – last approved in 2006.  This policy is not current, and is now redundant considering revisions to the Academic Programs Policy (above)

All updates have been made on the policy webpage.

To avoid confusion, please ensure any copies of old policies are removed from your files. It is best to create direct links to the online versions rather than duplicating the files. Please contact Margot Bracewell if you have any questions.

Steve Grundy

VP Academic & Provost