Inaugural India executive coaching capstone

RRU executive coaching capstone - Gurgaon, India

Royal Roads inaugural program in India wrapped up May 23 to 25 with the close of the executive coaching program at the School of Inspired Leadership in Gurgaon. This first cohort of 14 students was made up of 13 Indian citizens and one Canadian who is a 20 year resident of Yokohama, Japan. The cohort was filled with senior executives from large corporations including Deloitte, Honda, Eicher and the mobile tower infrastructure company Indus Towers. There were also a few independents, including an angel investor.

One of the highlights of the executive coaching program is the requirement for teams to coach charitable or social profit leadership teams in order to gain coaching experience and provide opportunities to organizations that might not have resources to hire executive coaches. The three organizations in India were:

  • IIMPACT - provides educational opportunity to girls, from socially and economically disadvantaged communities of India, who traditionally have no access to schooling. It aims to break the cycle of illiteracy by providing greater access for girls to meaningful and stimulating education up to grade 5.
  • ComMutiny: The Youth Collective - an association of youth led, and youth engaging, organizations across the country aimed at providing youth a 5th space that they can control and govern, leading to an earlier and greater sense of empowerment. Most of the spaces youth exist in are governed by adults (e.g., families, school, sports and jobs).
  • Udayan Care - Udayan Care has three main foci:
    • Offering alternative care to as many of the 31 million Indian children without parental care, as possible;
    • Offering financial support to girls from economically disadvantaged situations to pursue and complete higher levels of education. Currently only 1% of the 130 million adolescent girls reaches secondary level of education; and
    • Finding ways to provide skills for unemployed youth.  Currently there are 73 million unemployed youth in India (over 1/3rd of the global total).

We’re delighted that the teams were able to work with these three heroic not-for-profit organizations with a potential reach of millions of impoverished Indian youth. 

Thank you to all the people at RRU, in many different departments, who had a hand in making this program a reality. We KNOW it was a lot of work to make this happen and we’re thankful for your commitment and patience.

Cohort 2 in India is scheduled for Fall, 2018.