Indigenous Leadership Team community meeting


Thanks to the 96 members of our university community who were able to join us for the meet and greet with our Indigenous Leadership Team of Asma-na-hi Antoine, Frankie Allen and Russ Johnston. Wow! It was so wonderful to have this time together to learn about the roles that Asma-na-hi, Frankie and Russ are now playing, embedding work related to addressing the legacies of oppression of Indigenous Peoples in the lands we now call Canada and finding new ways to walk forward together.

Thanks also to Bill Holmes, Vice-President Academic & Provost and Sue Gee, Vice-President, Communications & Advancement for their support and participation in this session too. There was a lot of LOVE in that “room”!

As a quick recap:

  • Asma-na-hi (who told us she would prefer to use her full name now please) is now in a new role in the Vice-President, Communications & Advancement portfolio leading our institutional engagement with Indigenous communities and organizations – including our beloved Heron People – and institutional initiatives that are focused on our university community in general.
  • Frankie is filling the role of Indigenous Student Services Coordinator in the Student Engagement Team of Student Services while Russ is seconded until March 31, 2021. As her title suggests, Frankie is the go-to person for anything related to Indigenous student support, but also for anything that is outside of the curriculum related to Indigeneity that engages students who are descendants of immigrants, immigrants or visting to complete their studies.
  • Russ has been seconded to the Indigenous Education Advisor role, working with faculty on curriculum development and teaching/learning facilitation until March 31, 2021, funded by a grant from the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. A recommendation to convert this position to regular full-time has been approved, but we will need to await the full budget process in this most unusual year before this can be confirmed.
  • Frankie and Russ are part of Student & Academic Services in the Vice-President, Academic & Provost portfolio.

If you were not able to attend, but would like to view the session, you can access the recording here.

Please feel free to contact Asma-na-hi, Frankie or Russ if you would like more information about their work – and thanks again to everyone who was able to participate in this first meeting with our Indigenous Leadership Team.