Innovate-Now: Experiment & connect on Moodle

Tami Saj

We have a recent addition to our upgraded Moodle sites. The options now include:

  • credit courses (Moodle)
  • non-credit courses (CSOnline)
  • Innovate-Now!

On Innovate-Now, faculty, staff and students are able to:

  • create a Moodle sandbox and try different features;
  • be collaborative, and add other participants to the sandbox to see how things might work, or just experiment;
  • create a community-of-practice (CoP) and invite other members of the RRU community to participate;
  • allow guests to view, but not contribute to, the sandbox or CoP.

This is a self-managed sandbox service; users will be responsible for backing up their own content prior to each Moodle upgrade. Users will be given notice of upgrade timing.

Here is how to create a sandbox/CoP.

Need additional assistance? Drop by STUDIO.