Innovate Now to get fresh new look on June 6


In anticipation of the upgrade to Moodle 3.2 (scheduled for June 27), CTET will be updating the Innovate Now Moodle server on June 6. Users of Innovate Now will notice a few changes in look and navigation. For a preview of what these changes will look like, please visit our New Moodle info site.

Innovate Now is a platform that provides “sandbox” sites for instructors as well as various Communities of Practice courses. Sandboxes provide a place where instructors can experiment, test, and innovate with Moodle in a “behind-the-scenes” environment. Sandbox sites in Innovate Now are often duplicates of existing courses and allow instructors to test and tinker without affecting their live course. To learn more about Innovate Now, please see this Crossroads announcement or review this article in the Knowledgebase. If you are interested in getting a sandbox site in Innovate now, please contact STUDIO.

The reason we are upgrading Innovate Now on June 6 is so we can provide Moodle 3.2 workshops to the RRU community. By upgrading Innovate Now early, participants in our workshops will be able to get hands-on practice using Moodle 3.2. The early upgrade to Innovate Now on June 6 will also provide Innovate Now users with a preview of the Moodle-wide changes to come on June 27th

CTET will make every effort to contact users with sandbox sites in Innovate Now with information about the change scheduled for June 6. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Please stay tuned for workshop opportunities and more information regarding the exciting upgrade to Moodle 3.2!