International conferences & calls for papers

International conferences & calls for papers

You may be interested in the following international conferences and calls for papers:

The 2nd International Conference on Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures will take place on July 30-Aug.1, 2016. in Cambridge, UK. Abstracts are due Jan.1, 2016. The conference seeks to encourage discourse and discussions through a creative sharing of ideas, research, practice and publication. The conference will offer multiple platforms of creative expression and interdisciplinary dialogues, performative discourse and interactions among educators, scholars, researchers, practitioners, doctoral students, musicians, dancers, performing arts exponents, policy makers and administrators. Organizers hope to chart innovative directions and new territories in the dynamic field of interdisciplinary arts through cultures.

The Eleventh International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: An Age and its Ends: Social Science in the Era of the Anthropocene will take place on Aug. 2-4, 2016 in London, UK. Call for Presenters is due Jan. 2, 2016. The conference will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field.

The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Bridging the Gap between Academic Research and Industry Practice will be held on Mar. 17- 20, 2016. Call for Papers is due: Jan. 15, 2016. The conference will promote the interchange of ideas and will create a forum for dialogue on the challenges, opportunities, emerging trends, and best practices in the fields of business, technology, and education.

The 16th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations: Climates of Change: Organizations in a Time of Ecological and Social Vulnerability will be held from April 19-20, 2016 in Honolulu, HI. Call for papers is due Jan. 19, 2016.

The Tech Knowledge Conference takes place on Jan. 13-15, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Registration is now open. Technology makes learning accessible in ways never imagined. The conference will be a time to reimagine what’s possible—and reignite the potential of how you develop and deliver learning. Hear from thought leaders and practitioners who are on the leading edge of this new frontier.