Introducing our Future You campaign


Following up on the success of last year’s “Inspiring Connections” campaign, this year’s “Future You” campaign takes connections one step further by focusing on our warmest prospects – those we know are most interested in a life-changing Royal Roads experience.

Using innovative and highly targeted digital tactics, this year’s campaign allows our prospects to take a glimpse into their futures by connecting with their Future Selves, talking to a Future Mentor and seeing what it would be like to attend Royal Roads through a Future View experience.

In Future Selves, LinkedIn profiles will be created for our warm candidates that show how their careers could advance after attending RRU. Prospects can also connect with a Future Mentor (an RRU alumnus) through a microsite to hear first-hand what their RRU experience was like. Through our Future View digital experience, prospects are able to see through the eyes of someone exploring the campus while wearing Google Glass. The experience allows them to virtually attend a lecture, join a cohort, explore our hiking trails and more. Together, all these tactics connect with our warm prospects, as well as a wider audience, in surprising and personal ways, ultimately giving our prospects a taste of the RRU experience.

The campaign is set to launch November 3rd for a six week period. Stay tuned, more details to come in future Crossroads articles. If you have any questions about "Future You" please email Catherine Riggins, Director, Branding Marketing & Recruitment.