Jen Walinga presents at Sports Hall of Fame


Jennifer Walinga is presenting at the Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Education Program on “Inspiring Canadian Youth through Sports Stories” Thursday, April 24 in Calgary.

This presentation aligns well with Walinga’s research on values education through sport and Sport for Development: Inspiring Stories Presentation (a 30-minute interactive presentation on three to four Honoured Members that will include artefacts, video content, and photos presented by a CSHoF Education Program Presenter). The focus of the presentation is on the Honoured Members’ stories and will be based around the values, or attributes the Honoured Member exemplifies. Discussion around the meaning of these values and what it takes to demonstrate them will be encouraged. When we tell these stories, we will try to get to the highest level possible - “Cultural Transformation.” These stories convey a life changing impact, help define the community, and are value based achievements.