Jenny Seeman now AABC president

Jenny Seeman, Archives Manager

Archives Manager Jenny Seeman assumed the role of president of the Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC) this June. AABC is a volunteer-led organisation with a mission to foster the development of the provincial archival community to better preserve and promote access to British Columbia's documentary heritage.

Jenny served as vice-president last year and in that time oversaw a grant-funded project to provide regional training and development clinics aimed at building archival management capacity within Indigenous communities across BC. This federal grant has since been extended to provide further workshops into 2021.

As with the Royal Roads University Archives, many AABC member institutions have been affected by the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. Archives reading rooms have been closed to the public and access to collections is curtailed while new safety protocols are established to protect staff, researchers and the records. One of Jenny’s roles as president will be to ensure archival institutions are supported as they resume operation in these uncertain times.

The Archives Association of BC also works in partnership with colleagues in the gallery, library, and museum professions. Jenny will be working with her counterparts in the BC Museum Association and the BC Library Association to create a new memorandum of underdtanding that will uphold the associations’ shared values, including: intellectual and ethical integrity; equal rights and dignity of all persons; freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry; respect and recognition of Indigenous peoples and cultures; and commitment to using a shared capacity for research and education for the betterment of BC communities. 

Archives are an important tool for scholarly research as well as community engagement. Organizations like the AABC help to ensure these resources remain accessible to all.

Thanks, Jenny, for your community leadership!