Keep safety and security at top of mind

RRU Staff

Royal Roads University administration and Campus Security ask students, staff and visitors to campus to be aware of their surroundings as the long days of summer bring increased visitor traffic and risk of fire to campus.

Recent events remind everyone to keep safety and security at top of mind.

  • A small fire in the forest along West Campus Road was extinguished by the Colwood Fire Department on Sunday, July 30.
  • The Coastal Fire Centre has raised the forest fire rating to EXTREME on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.
  • Thefts of bicycles and construction material were reported on the weekend of July 29-30. Campus Security and the Westshore RCMP are investigating.
  • A cougar was sighted in the Charlie’s Trail area on July 24.

Please remember to:

  • Be vigilant about fire prevention. Ensure cigarettes are properly extinguished in the designated smoking areas around campus. If you see or smell smoke, call 911 immediately.
  • Secure your belongings and lock your room or office whenever you leave it.
  • Use the buddy system when using campus trails, and modify your use of headphones and earbuds so you can be aware of your surroundings. Use the buddy system when walking around campus at dawn, dusk or at night.
  • If you see a cougar, make yourself look as large as possible and back away slowly, keeping the cougar in view and allowing a clear escape route for it. Pick up children and small pets immediately. Never run, make sudden movements or turn your back on a cougar. Visit the Ministry of Environment website for more information.

Report suspicious incidents to Campus Security at 250-391-2525 or call 911.