Kelly New Teacher Award recipients announced


Recipients of the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards are being announced via a series of announcements in Crossroads over 4 weeks. This week sees the announcement of the New Teacher Award to Cheryl Heykoop and Hugh Stephens.

An associate faculty member in both the School of Humanitarian Studies and the School of Leadership Studies, Cheryl impressed the committee with her willingness to take risks in her teaching; her commitment to developing a nurturing learning environment; and her interest and commitment to finding ways to connect her teaching to each student’s needs.

Hugh, an associate faculty member in the School of Business, equally impressed the committee with his openness to valuing student experience in the classroom; his commitment to guiding students in their navigation of complex topics in Canada and the world; and his ability to connect his practice to his teaching.

The awards presentation will take place on Monday, October 31st at 10 a.m. during Campus Conversation.

Members of the selection committee carefully reviewed all submissions and, without exception, were very impressed with the quality, depth and passionate commitment to teaching evident within each of the nominees’ materials, making the task of the committee very challenging. Thank you Mickie Noble (Chair), David Stevenson, Mary-Anne Neal, Ryan Lee, Robert Mittelman, Kelvin Mkwate, Vivian Forssman, and Zhenyi Li for serving on this year’s selection committee.

Next week will see the announcement of the Team Teaching Award recipients, followed by the announcement of the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award recipient on Oct 21st.