Kudos for RRU's iLead program

Tess Wixted

RRU's iLead program got a big shout out this week in HRVoice.org from Sarah Hood, CHRP, manager, workforce development and strategies with the Capital Regional District (CRD). A program developed in collaboration with the CRD and RRU, iLead is an intensive, long-term program designed to develop innovation intelligence.

The program consists of a half-day introduction, followed a month later by a five-day intensive at RRU, and then a two-day follow-up six weeks after completion.CRD has been on campus this week for another offering of iLead through Continuing Studies.

“We [as an organization] were mainly very linear-logical thinkers,” Hood explains. “Part of the iLead program was to learn to understand that there are people who are visual learners or emotional learners, and that there is an emotional side to change. So, it’s learning how to appreciate both left- and right-brain thinking.”

To read more about the iLead program and the transformative shifts taking place at CRD, check out Cross-Collaboration Without Fear at CRD at HRVoice.org.