Leadership approach to learning and teaching


We are delighted to share recent publications by faculty members in the School of Leadership Studies that specifically document elements of our School’s approach to learning and teaching: 

Agger-Gupta, N., & Etmanski, C. (2014). The paradox of transformative learning among mid-career professionals. International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology 5(1), 35–47.

Agger-Gupta, N., & Harris, B. (in press). Dialogic change and the practice of inclusive leadership. In A. Boitano & H. E. Schockman (Eds.), Breaking the zero-sum game: Transforming societies through inclusive leadership. Silver Spring, MD: International Leadership Association.

Bishop, K., Etmanski, C., & Page, B. (forthcoming 2017). Engagement in online learning: It’s not all about faculty. The disruptive power of online education: Challenges and new business models in higher education. Innsbruck, Austria: Management Centre Innsbruck, The Entrepreneurial School.

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Chapters in the Royal Roads Learning and Teaching Model book include:

Appreciative inquiry in RRU mid-career student life. (pp. 235– 251) by N. Agger-Gupta & A. Perodeau.

Cultivating belonging: Living leadership in communities of learning by B. Page, C. Etmanski, & N. Agger-Gupta.

Enhancing student learning experience through group supervision using a digital learning platform by W. Rowe, B. Harris, M. Graf, & M. Anderson.

Living our leadership learning in Swift Current, Saskatchewan by L. Wesolowska & N. Agger-Gupta.