Leighton teaches the power of play

RRU Staff

Hilary Leighton believes in play: its power, its importance and the way it connects us to each other and reconnects us to our authentic selves.

The educator and ecopsychologist had an opportunity to share her scholarship on play, as well as the healing nature of laughter, at the Nature of Play conference in Nanaimo Nov. 5.

Leighton shared the keynote with her colleague Dave Segal, a child, youth and family counsellor. Titled “Rx: Nature-Based Play – An Essential Medicine for Human Health and Development,” it explored how unstructured, nature-based play, as eco-therapy, is a vital component for children’s health, development and wholeness.

Leighton also closed the conference with her thoughts on laughter as social medicine. The session aimed to help people develop a deeper reverence for joy, laugh more and make the shift toward humour and emotional intelligence as wellness strategies.

The conference was organized by the Nanaimo Child Development Centre.