Library tip: Statista

Library search on iPad

Statista is an easy to use portal for finding statistics, market research and business intelligence. It also provides market forecasts, white papers, industry reports, digital market outlooks and consumer market outlooks.

Royal Roads University community members can access Statista by clicking on the Library Databases tab of the Library homepage and then ‘S’. Select Statista from the alphabetical list.

Navigating to databases starting with 'S'


 Statista homepage


Enter your search and use the filters on the left of your results to make your results more specific.

Here is a direct link to the search for ‘British Columbia’ displayed below, so you can explore the filters for yourself.

And for comparison’s sake, here is a direct link to available statistics about the software market.

 Statista filter

Canadian results rank near the top of your results. To restrict your results to a specific country, though, use the Country filter on the lower left of your results.

Country filter in Statista