Living Our Model (Tech-enhanced) success!


The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) was pleased to recently offer the second session in our Living Our Model series. This year-long series highlights various elements of the RRU Learning and Teaching Model (LTM) and how faculty members are bringing it to life through their courses.

This second session - featuring the “technology enhanced” element of the LTM - was held asynchronously online over the week of May 15. We revealed one or two online tools each day and how RRU faculty are using them in course activities. For each tool showcased, participants were given easy-to-understand information, an RRU example about how it was used, and the opportunity to try it out in a short activity. Almost 100 faculty and staff signed up for this event, with approximately 25 to 55 people checking in each day to discover and try out new tools.

The event showcased examples from faculty members Amy Zidulka (Google Docs and Padlet), Kate Landreth (Instagram), Dave Whittington and Beth Cougler Blom (Piktochart), Audrey Roadhouse and Nian Zhu (WeChat), and Cheryl Heykoop (FlipGrid). CTET staff Tri Ningsih, Sophia Palahicky, and Anthony Manning also showcased and H5P. Other CTET staff who partnered with faculty to bring forward these examples were Eric Bigrigg, Cathy Pretorius, Keith Webster, Jason Keddie, and Harley He.

If you missed the session, you can find the content now on RRU’s Open Educational Resources site. If you have any questions about using the tools or would like to discuss how technology might be able to enhance something you’re doing in your RRU course, contact STUDIO or your instructional designer program liaison.

Coming up this fall (September through December), the Living Our Model series will be back to highlight other elements of the LTM, such as the experiential & authentic, team-based learning, learning communities and engaged learning elements. More information will be shared via Crossroads, Twitter, and on the general OER site for the entire Living Our Model series this year.