MA in Global Leadership travels to Ecuador

MA in Global Leadership travels to Ecuador

Students from the MA in Global Leadership (MAGL) program traveled to Ecuador June 18-28 to embark on a cultural field exploration of global leadership. The international field trip exposed students to Ecuadorian examples of community leadership, indigenous activism to protect jungle communities, military leadership, environmental sustainability and indigenous women’s entrepreneurship. Students had the opportunity to speak with many leaders, and observe leadership in action within various cultural contexts. As they toured numerous sites in the country and met many people, students made use of their learning from MAGL courses in the following areas: socio-political and economic analysis, social purpose organizational dynamics, community development models and conflict analysis, strategic analysis and decision making, intercultural communication and personal resiliency and adaptability. They also had the opportunity to apply principles and tools in project management, stakeholder analysis, and authentic collaboration, the subject of their second residency course which occurred just prior to the trip.  

Their trip began in the capital of Quito, exploring colonialization and culture in the Old Town section of the city. The students were then hosted at Escuela Politécnica del Ejército University, with whom Royal Roads as a memorandum of agreement. After being special guests at the XI Congress of Science and Technology, two students and the Program Head Wendy Rowe led three short presentations for students, staff and faculty of the university. The presentations were very well received and initiated a spirited conversation between the presenters and the audience.

After travelling north to the region around Otavalo to experience their solstice celebrations and the influence of the Inca, the group headed south. The group was treated to a special demonstration at the Special Forces base before moving on to the Amazon where the students were engaged with three different indigenous communities.  After a presentation from the vice-mayor of the nearby city of Tena – the group returned to Quito to travel to the Galapagos where they were exposed to organic farmers, tortoise farms and an informative session on environmental conservation at the Charles Darwin Centre.

Please join us for a Lunch and Learn session about our travels in late September. The date will be posted in Crossroads shortly.