MacGillivray explores new leadership paradigm

MacGillivray explores new leadership paradigm

New leadership theories and perspectives are emerging because organizations and communities struggle with increasingly complex challenges. Some authors, including Jim Hazy and Mary Uhl-Bien integrate insights from complex systems with leadership, developing theories such as Complex System Leadership Theory and Complexity Leadership Theory. Others, including Joe Raelin, come from professional and organization development backgrounds and develop paradigms such as Leaderful Practice.  

Associate faculty member Alice MacGillivray has just completed a paper, which Dr. Raelin describes as "a fascinating article depicting leaderful practices in knowledge-intensive organizations using the descriptor of knowledge as flow." The paper is published in the Journal of Public Affairs (February 2018) and the abstract is available online. MacGillivray draws on authors from several fields in which Royal Roads offers graduate programs. For example, Gronn has been a pioneer with the concept of distributed leadership in education. Cross, Parker, Prusak and Borgatti have studied how important knowledge flows to effect change in organizations through social network analysis. Goldstein and other complexity scholars have explored ways in which heroic leadership can hinder innovation.

By broadening the ways in which we understand leadership, we may achieve progress with today's big challenges in the arenas of social and environmental justice. 

MacGillivray works with the Royal Roads School of Environment and Sustainability and the School of Leadership Studies. Her PhD is in Human and Organizational Systems.