MAEEC adventure: 10th cohort sets bar high

Jean Macgregor
10th MAEEC cohort sets bar high for closing ceremony

Each year, the graduating Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication (MAEEC) cohort organizes a closing ceremony for the entire program, but this year the 2012 cohort stepped it up a notch. We represent the 10th MAEEC class, and to mark this occasion we wanted to do something new, something momentous and something that felt a little epic.

Our ceremony incorporated many components important to our cohort, but the new pièce de résistance was a banner drop from the top of Royal Roads’ iconic Hatley Castle. This classic method of environmental communication was a team activity that had us all brainstorming messaging, painting, tracing and constructing the 16 x 20 foot banner.

The message “MAEEC Your Own Adventure” captured how we are all on the same thesis journey, but walking different paths. It was a proclamation that this MA voyage is what you make it, and that we all have the ability to be grand. Simultaneously, the banner also embodied how environmental education and communication is not a passive practice, but one of action.

- submitted on behalf of Amanda Gomm, MAEEC student