MAEEC faculty Elin Kelsey in Canadian Teacher

Dr. Elin Kelsey

Dr. Elin Kelsey joined the MAEEC program in its second year, in 2004, and has been an associate faculty member in that program in most years since. Elin is an award-winning author of both books for children and for a general public readership. Her childrens book You are Stardust has been cited in the best 50 science books published, whie a project she helped launch on World Ocean's Day in June 2014, #OceanOptimism, has had more than 50 MILLION tweets! A fellow at the Rachel Carson Centre of the Ludwig Maximillian University in Muncih, Germany in 2014, Elin edited a set of letters in a RCC publication called Beyond Doom and Gloom: An Exploration through Letters. "Through an exploration of new environmental narratives, this volume aims to stimulate readers to emotionally reflect on how we can embrace hope and resilience in our stories about the environment."

The recent issue of Canadian Teacher has a feature interview with Elin, where she talks about the work she does with children and the environment, and with hope and despair!