MAEEC grad helps drive global arctic policy


MA in Environmental Education and Communication (MAEEC) alumni Clive Tesar is the Head of Communications and External Relations for the Arctic Program of the World Wildlife Fund based in Ottawa. A northerner himself, Clive has become more and more engaged in the global efforts to understand and conserve arctic environments in the face of resource exploitation pressure and climate change.

Clive achieved a bit of a coup as the senior author of a Policy Forum paper, Toward strategic, coherent, policy-relevant arctic science, published on 23 September 2016 in one of the world's top scientific journals, Science. In this paper, Clive and his two co-authors talk about the importance of getting both the right science done and the science done right as critical dimensions of creating effective policy and management for the global arctic.

Clive and co-authors present principles to “drive arctic science”, including that it be policy and management driven, be coherent and strategic, be accessible and organized, and fund understanding of both natural and social/human systems. Priorities proposed by these authors include more work on arctic climate change, generating baseline knowledge, identification of trends and development of indicators, research on the impacts of hydrocarbon development, greater understanding of arctic ecosystem services and natural capital, and the study of arctic resilience.

Working collaboratively with community members, politicians and scientists, Clive has been able to use his communication skills to drive an agenda around public policy relating to the arctic. His MAEEC background in education, communication, systems, environmental science, and envirohnmental ethics and worldviews, all help him be a highly-effective actor in this complex social and natural environment.