MAEEC students and faculty talk of hope

Dr. Elin Kelsey

This past summer, under the leadership of asociate faculty member Dr. Elin Kelsey, students from the MA in Envinromental Education and Communication 2016 cohort focused their major assignment for their Environmental Communications course on creating hopeful transmedia campaigns to motivate the delegates attending the World Conservation Congress, held in Hawaii in September, to seed social media with real ocean conservation successes.

Elin brought those campaigns to the Congress delegates through the communications workshop she co-hosted with Claire Warmenbol of the World Conservation Union, and she shared the news that her co-creators of the #OceanOptimism twitter campaign - the Smithsonian Institute and the Zoological Society of London  - would both be hosting major conservation optimism summits in 2017. Lots of interest emerged around hope at the Congress and a month later, the Guardian newspaper published this major piece, Has hope become the most endangered species in conservation?

You can hear Elin speak on Circumnavigating hope: Chasing resilience in a world of environmental 'doom and gloom', at the Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society in Munich, Germany.

Congratulations to all those fine MAEEC students, and Dr. Kelsey, who are helping to shift the environmental narrative toward conservation optimism.