MAEEC students "read" people at Human Library

MAEEC students 'read' people at Human Library

As part of the dynamic learning in the MAEEC residency, students participated in the 2nd annual Human Library held in the Library in the Showcase room on August 1, 2018.

Twenty-five faculty, visiting scholars, staff and community members transformed themselves into "human books" for the evening. Students could effectively, "check them out" for a time and "read" that person, meaning students asked questions and many rich conversations ensued. The first Human Library was held in Denmark in 2000 and it was designed to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes, acting as a positive framework for dialogue that might never have happened otherwise. People from all walks of life were essentially ‘on loan’ to readers where difficult questions were asked and answered. MAEEC students not only had the opportunity to read multiple human books over the course of the evening, but a number of the students found potential supervisors, further research resources, and many new connections were made across the university and beyond. 'Readings' were allotted 20-minute increments which meant each human was likely read 2-3 times. Some of the more popular "tomes" had multiple readers at once! As in all good learning, the benefits of our time together flowed two ways and the evening was a grand success. If you wish to find out more about how you might become a book in next year’s event or if you wish some DIY instructions to host your own event for your school, just ask MAEEC Program Head, Dr. Hilary Leighton. A big, hearty thanks to all the Library staff and particularly to Devina for her care and attention in supporting us, and Rosie for her photos!