MAGL alumni join Dr. Wendy Rowe at ILA

Wendy, Erin and Stephanie

On June 18, 2019 two MA in Global Leadership alums, Erin Dixon (Banff Center for the Arts) and Stephanie Calver (Leaping Fox Consulting), supported by Dr. Wendy Rowe, School of Leadership Studies, presented at the ILA Women in Leadership Conference, Santa Cruz, CA. 

Erin and Stephanie co-facilitated Weaving Visions: Deepening the Threads, an experiential workshop to foster positive, peaceful personal and organizational transformation, with consideration on what it means to thrive through complexity and consciousness of living systems.

The workshop opened with an Indigenous acknowledgement, sweet grass ceremony and land-based connection to ground conversations through a world café collective inquiry related to weaving leadership through one’s community — connecting place-making and living systems, resilience and thriving, emotional intelligence and reflective practice. Sharing a commitment to support global leadership and restorative practices for women through active learning in community, the workshop sought to encourage a “spirit of strengthened global solidarity” (Transforming our world, 2018).

Women leaders have unlimited potential to expand abilities as trusted advisors, collaborative facilitators and transformational social change agents. The role of the leader as weaver often starts with life connection and mindfulness and links to harmony, balancing personal fulfillment, wellness, and meaning with which can be shared to the larger community through work as systems weavers.