MAGL presents at IDEAS Conference in Mexico

MAGL at IDEAS Conference, Mexico

Four scholars from Royal Roads University and the Ontario Ministry of Education attended the IDEAS Global Assembly December 4 to 7, 2017 in Guanajuato, Mexico. The topic was Joint Conference Evaluation for the Sustainable Development Goals: Transforming life through global and regional partnerships, with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Drs Wendy Rowe and Wanda Krause and Master of Arts in Global Leadership student Gary Hayes, from Royal Roads University and Dr. Keiko Kuji-Shikatani, education officer, Ministry of Education delivered individual presentation on the panel session International Development through Action Learning and Evaluation. Presenters provided a theoretical context and examples of international development in Nepal, Dubai, Thailand and Kenya to illustrate a model of action learning and evaluation that supports the implementation of effective sustainable development goal (SDG) initiatives. In a world of social, economic and geo-political complexity, diverse community needs require stakeholder collaboration on resources and expertise, to engage iterative stages of framing, inquiry, focusing, strategic planning, action implementation and evaluation. This framework serves as a guidebook for successful SDG development and implementation.