MAIIC cohort host panel on multiculturalism


Associate faculty member Olaolu Adeleye, School of Communication and Culture (SCC), invited community members into the classroom to engage with MA Intercultural and International Communication (MAIIC) students on a myriad of topics regarding; “the other”, whiteness, multiculturalism, stereotypes, and images. This panel provided opportunity for students and community members to discuss the importance of these themes within our society, and frame the discussion on the backdrop of their relevance within global communication.

Panelists included representatives from some of Victoria’s leading organizations (UWC - Lester B. Pearson, VIRCS, ICA, VIPIRG), whose mandates are to support the awareness, visibility and inclusion of newly immigrated families and minority groups. These community members come from a wealth of experience in multiculturalism, and advocating for disenfranchised members of society here in Victoria. The session also offered an opportunity for students to network and establish connections within the community.  

The School of Communication and Culture would like to extend our thanks to the panel members for participating in this learning experience with MAIIC students.