MALAT research panel discussion


The Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program welcomes students to campus beginning July 24. As part of the residency, the program will be hosting a research discussion event that will be open to Royal Roads faculty and staff. Please join us Tuesday, August 1 from 9 a.m. to noon in the LIC Centre for Dialogue. 

The event will be structured as follows: six table discussion topic areas, each with an expert in a specific area (thesis supervisor, Bill Muirhead; research paper supervisor, Jo Axe; two former graduate students, Sarah Grant and Arlene Floritto; library representative, Rosie Croft; and, faculty member and Canada Research Chair, George Veletsianos).  

After opening remarks at 9 a.m., participants will spend 10 minutes at each table discussing any item related to the expert’s area of focus. At 10:30 a.m., following a short break, students in residency will form small groups and discuss their conversations. At 11 a.m., each team will then propose two questions to the panel. If you are able to join us for any portion of the event, please feel free to do so. Facilitators are Elizabeth Childs and Deborah Zornes.

Can't attend in person? Join us via Livestream. The event will be live from 11 a.m. onwards.