Malisius & Mills present on graphic syllabus

Graphic Syllabus

How do you get students to read the syllabus and take in the information?  Can this be achieved in a more engaging, visual way?  And can you do this while showcasing technology that students will use for their assignment?

Yasmien Mills, CTET Instructional Designer, and Dr Eva Malisius, Program Head Conflict Analysis and Management Programs (School of Humanitarian Studies), presented on their active inquiry at the Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Practice sponsored and organized by BCcampus on Friday, 14 November 2014 and held at SFU in Vancouver BC. 

In their presentation, entitled “It's in the syllabus: Using a graphic syllabus to map your course”, Yasmien and Eva spoke about integrating a graphic syllabus into a course outline with popplet (a collaborative mind mapping tool).  As the active inquiry is continuing, the initial findings are promising:  students’ initial responses acknowledge the welcoming appeal, the visual access to information that complements the written text, appreciating the integration of technology and visual aids.  At the same time, some reactions are rather indifferent and miss interactive appeal in the way the graphic syllabus has been presented. 

The presentation was well received by a large crowd of dedicated educators at the Symposium and led to interesting conversations and sharing on how to integrate graphic syllabus’ into courses.

Watch the graphic syllabus Eva created here and decide for yourself if it could fit into your course and talk to Yasmien about how to do it!