Maximize Moodle with Quiz


The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) is pleased to announce that we will be featuring Moodle’s Quiz tool as part of the Moodle to the Max Project in February and March. Moodle Quiz is an engaging and flexible learning activity, able to support diverse learning needs and does so much more than what is captured in its name. Quiz helps enhance student-to-instructor interaction and student-to-content interaction while maintaining a focus on cognitive and meta-cognitive processes, not mere interactivity. Quiz supports a wide variety of learning and assessment activities, such as:

  • Online exams,
  • Self-assessment,
  • Feedback, and
  • Knowledge checks such as reading comprehension or content self-checks.

We invite the Royal Roads community to join us in exploring Quiz in the months of February and March:

Watch a short video for a “sneak peek” of what Quiz can do

Explore the Moodle to the Max Project page

The Moodle to the Max Project page includes overviews and sample activities for all the Moodle tools we have featured as part of the project, including Quiz. Read more about the pedagogical applications of Quiz and experience examples of teaching and learning artifacts that instructors have created using Quiz. You can also share your own ideas and give feedback about the activity and the project.

If you are having difficulties accessing the Moodle to the Max Project page, please contact CTET Studio.

Share your feedback

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions about the Moodle to the Max project. Contact CTET Studio with your general questions or get in touch with your CTET instructional designer for additional support with using Moodle Quiz in your courses.

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