MBA teaching award - Kim Moller

MBA teaching award - Kim Moller

With every MBA intake, there is an opportunity to recognize the instructors with whom students have worked over the length of their program in either residency or distance learning sessions. Please join me in congratulating Kim Moller, associate faculty member, who is the recipient of the 16-1 MBA Outstanding Teaching Award for distance learning. 

The MBA program looks forward to many more teaching opportunities with Kim in the coming years.

A note from Kim: 
"It is a great personal and professional satisfaction to be acknowledged by professional peers and I sincerely appreciate the award. Once in a while an instructor is fortunate to have a cohort of interested, dedicated professionals who all want to take an active part in and share the responsibility for the learning experience. I was fortunate to have such a cohort. A beneficial learning experience is co-created by the cohort, the instructor, and the learning support team - and I thank you all for your commitment, knowledge and support. It was a real pleasure learning with and from you."