Meet the Unified Steering Committee


The Enterprise Resource Program known as Ocelli and the Web Presence Renewal (WPR) project will have a big impact on most staff, faculty and students at RRU.

A Unified Steering Committee, with representatives from across the university, meets regularly to give operational direction to the projects in support of achieving their targeted business outcomes and objectives.

Unified Steering Committee members and support

Here are the Unified Steering Committee members:

  • Carolyn Levesque​, AVP, Operations and Resilience​
  • Catherine Riggins, AVP, Marketing and Alumni Relations
  • Cathy MacArthur​, AVP, Finance​
  • Charles Krusekopf​, professor and MBA program head​
  • Don Ostergard​, chief information officer​
  • Marg LeGuilloux, AVP, Communications
  • Paul Coronica, director, Business Performance & Analysis
  • Peter Dueck​, director of Admissions and Registrar​
  • Roberta Mason, AVP, Student and Academic Services​
  • Terrie Klotz​, AVP, Human Resources​

Here are the people who support the Unified Steering Committee members:

  • Dale Christenson​, contracted capital portfolio director and change lead​
  • Jai Lad, contracted project manager, WPR
  • Nihad McBride, contracted program manager, Ocelli
  • James Hood, manager, Planning and Delivery, IT Services

If you have questions about these projects, please let one of the steering committee members know or feel free to contact one of the support team members.

Ways to connect with us

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