Message from President Steenkamp, March 26



I want to again express my deep appreciation to each of you. Our transition to fully online program delivery is nearly complete and I thank you for your exceptional efforts in ensuring a high-quality learning experience for our students. I’d also like to thank you for keeping our campus operations running so smoothly during this time of extraordinary disruption.

This success, of course, is only possible through your collective and collaborative efforts. It is so heartening to see that we practice, at every function and level, what we value and what we teach as a university.

This week we are looking at additional preventative measures to help protect our students and all of you from COVID-19. We are moving to temporarily close a number of campus buildings and work areas where there are currently no activities. There are signs posted outside closed buildings, referring people to Campus Security if access is required.

If your team continues to work on campus, you will still be able to access the work spaces you need. Connect with your manager for further details. If you are working remotely, please check in with your supervisor before stopping by the campus for work purposes.

Speaking of working online, we know this can be challenging. Please let us know what you need by contacting our IT Services team. You can connect with them for support through the IT Services website.

In a previous message I asked those of you who might have spare time in your day to inform your supervisor. There is important work that needs to be done right now and we need your help to ensure the ongoing success of our university.

Our Human Resources team is also here to support you. HR has compiled employee and supervisor resources related to COVID-19 and I encourage you all to take a look. You’ll need to be logged into the HR site to see this content.

One last thing: please feel free to speak up if you see a problem, and especially a solution, that needs attention. You can always bring forward concerns to your management team. You can also reach out to any member of the executive, including me.

I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves, your families, friends and neighbours.

Thank you,