Métis issues in Nova Scotia

Métis issues in Nova Scotia

I'd like to thank Royal Roads' Office of Research for its support. Using the funds provided through an internal RPD grant I recently traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia to present at a special joint meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society and the Society for the Anthropology of North America. The theme of the meeting was "how anthropological engagements with “solidarity” –the principle of shared responsibilities, identities and interests– have shaped our thinking about the social worlds in which we do our work."  

With the very recent Supreme Court of Canada's landmark decision on Métis rights in Daniels vs. Canada, space is now opening up to begin recognizing the complex histories and current realities of Métis peoples all across Canada. This recognition is a crucial part of our ongoing and meaningful efforts at reconciling Indigenous-Settler relations in Canada as many Métis peoples in Canada continue to be denied recognition as Indigenous peoples by the State and other parties. Together with one of my former graduate students (and current PhD candidate at Dalhousie University) Katie MacLeod,  we shared some exploratory research on Métis issues in the eastern Maritimes that will be published as a chapter next year in an upcoming volume on Méts issues in Canada. Our presentation--Moving Beyond a Site-Specific Métis Identity: A networked approach to understanding “historic Métis communities” in Nova Scotia--was included in a two-part panel: MÉTIS ACADIEN, ACADIEN MÉTIS, CANADIEN MÉTIS, FRENCH-INDIAN OU/OR SIMPLY MÉTIS TOUT COURT? The panel was well attended by conference goers and we were also very happy to welcome to the session some prominent members of the local Métis communities. These community members had participated in Katie's field research, and we were thrilled that they had the opportunity to share some of their perspectives during the sessions.

See here for the conference schedule and for the Supreme Court of Canada's Daniel decision

I'm always happy to have the opportunity to share the insights gained from my research and to explore any questions or issues deeper with those who may wish to. Feel free to reach out to me via email or drop by my office on campus in the Grant building anytime.

Siomonn Pulla