Miksang postscript from Julie DuBose

Tess Wixted
Red petals by Julie DuBose

As anyone who has walked through our stunning Japanese gardens will attest, the sea of beauty that dwells there is almost too immense to absorb. Julie DuBose, Continuing Studies facilitator of Miksang Contemplative Photography, experienced that tide of colour and texture as she observed the magnificent vibrancy of one particular crimson rhododendron in full regalia. Aiming to capture the quintessential photo, Julie writes:

I was magnetized and felt drawn to move closer to see, and found that I couldn’t quite get close enough to photograph what I was seeing because of many plant shoots sprouting up along the water’s edge. I leaned in and stretched forward as fully as I could, and then I felt myself floating head first down into the water.

To find out what happened next, read about Julie DuBose's damp and enlightening experience on her blog at Miksang.com.

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