Moodle Feedback: Video, trivia & more

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The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET)’s Moodle to the Max Project continues in August with the launch of our next featured activity, Moodle Feedback, which we will be promoting throughout August and September. Moodle Feedback is an easy-to-use tool with a range of pedagogical applications, from formative assessment, to learning activities, teamwork support and more. 

There are multiple ways that you are invited to explore Moodle Feedback and get involved with the Moodle to the Max Project.

Watch a video

Watch a short video about Moodle Feedback:

Participate in the August Moodle to the Max Trivia Challenge

Participate in our August Moodle to the Max Trivia Challenge and you could win a gift card to Habitat Café. To participate, answer all the questions on this quiz correctly (hint: visit the Moodle to the Max Project page to find the answers). One winner will be drawn at the end of August. This invitation is open to core faculty, associate faculty, and staff (CTET staff are not eligible).

Explore the Moodle to the Max Project page

You can learn more about Moodle Feedback, as well as activities featured in previous months, at the Moodle to the Max Project page. There, you will find more information about Moodle Feedback, sample activities that you can try for yourself, and space to share your questions, ideas, and feedback about the activity and the project.

If you are having difficulties accessing the Moodle to the Max Project page, please contact CTET Studio.

Share your feedback

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions about Moodle Feedback and the Moodle to the Max project. Contact CTET Studio with your general questions or get in touch with your CTET instructional designer for additional support with using Moodle Feedback in your courses.

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