Moodle upgrade on Tuesday, June 27: FAQs



Why is Moodle being upgraded?

We regularly upgrade Moodle for many of the same reasons as Apple updates your phone or Microsoft updates your computer regularly; doing so ensures that the software continues to be robust, secure, as well as providing users with the latest functionality and platform improvements. We upgrade Moodle every six months, but the changes are often so minor that most users do not notice the differences. With the upgrade to Moodle 3.2, however, there will be some noticeable differences in appearance, navigation, and functionality intended to improve user experience.

When is Moodle being upgraded?

Moodle will be upgraded very early in the morning on Tuesday, June 27 during a scheduled outage between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. PDT. Moodle will be unavailable during this time. After the upgrade is complete, all current and future courses will be in Moodle 3.2. Instructors will not have to do anything in regards to the upgrade: All course components, including course content, discussions, student data, assignments, etc. will roll over with the upgrade. There will be no need to re-upload any documents, etc.

How will the upgrade affect students?

Overall, we expect the changes will be minimal for students and largely positive. For students, the main differences that they will notice include:

  • The new look and feel of Moodle, which will be cleaner, brighter, and less cluttered.
  • Moodle 3.2 is mobile device friendly and very responsive to different devices, which means that students can access and interact with the course using their computers, tablets, or phones.
  • There are also a few small navigation changes. An automatic user tour will appear the first time students log in to Moodle after the upgrade. The User tour will walk them through the basic navigation changes. View an example of the User tour for more information.  

How are students being informed about and supported with the upgrade?

Students received an email from Student Services on June 20 letting them know about when and what to expect in terms of changes. The first time students log in to Moodle after June 27, an automatic user tour will appear to show them where things are. In addition, the entire IT Helpdesk has been trained on the new platform and is ready to support students with any issues or concerns that they may have.

How will the upgrade affect instructors and staff?

Overall, the upgrade to Moodle 3.2 brings about three different kinds of changes relevant to instructors and staff. These changes include the new look and feel, a few navigation changes, and some new features or additions to existing features. To learn more about the changes, visit the New Moodle info site.

How are instructors and staff being supported with the upgrade?

  • New Moodle info site: The New Moodle info site provides detailed information about the background to the upgrade, the changes, and the new features.
  • New Moodle workshops: Between June 9 and June 22, CTET delivered four in-person workshops to faculty and staff to orient them to Moodle 3.2. For faculty and staff who were unable to attend the face-to-face workshops, there is the self-paced (online) version of the New Moodle workshop. The self-paced workshop provides participants with the opportunity to watch videos about Moodle 3.2, read about Moodle 3.2, practice using Moodle 3.2, ask questions about Moodle 3.2, and take quizzes to test what they have learned about Moodle 3.2. More information about the workshop can be found here. If you would like to register for the self-paced workshop, please fill in this registration form.
  • Sandbox sites: We can provision any faculty or staff with a sandbox site (which can also be a copy of one of their existing courses) to test and tinker with New Moodle in a behind-the-scenes environment. If you would like a sandbox site, please contact STUDIO by dropping in to LIC 004, phoning (4476), or by sending us an email.
  • IT Knowledgebase: The IT Knowledgebase contains a large number of how-to articles related to "all things technology" at RRU, including an extensive number of Moodle-related articles. We have been updating the Knowledgebase over the the last several weeks to in anticipation of the upgrade to Moodle 3.2.  
  • STUDIO support: CTET's STUDIO provides a range of services to support faculty and staff in their use of learning technologies, including Moodle. STUDIO offers a service point where all faculty can get on-the-spot assistance, and we will be all “hands on deck” during the week of the upgrade. If you have any questions or concerns about the upgrade to Moodle 3.2, please don’t hesitate to drop in (LIC 004), phone (4476), or send us an email.