Moodle workshop for new and continuing staff

Moodle workshop for new and continuing staff

CTET would like to invite new and continuing staff and faculty to participate in a three-week online course called Moodle: Editing & Enhancing Online (MEEO). This course starts on Tuesday, July 4 and registration is now open.  

Who is this course for?

This course was designed primarily with instructors in mind, but program associates and other support staff who use Moodle are welcome and encouraged to participate as well. This course is aimed at supporting users who have a basic familiarity with Moodle. For example, perhaps you know the basics of navigation, but would like more practice adding and editing pages, forums, etc. This course would also be a good starting place for someone who has just started using Moodle or someone who has been away from Moodle for some time and would like a refresher.

What will I do in this course?

Participants will learn about different features of Moodle by reading how-to articles, watching videos, and practicing different tasks in a sandbox site. Participants will build a simple (and fun!) Moodle course in their sandbox with the support of facilitators and other participants. Participants will work collaboratively to exchange feedback and to share ideas about using Moodle.

How is the course delivered?

This offering is fully online and asynchronous, which means you complete the learning materials at your own pace within a certain period of time. There is also the option of connecting with facilitators and other participants synchronously (at the same time) through video-conferencing. We also offer this course as an on-campus and in-person offering, which you can take August 11, if preferred.  

How much time will I need to complete the course?

Feedback from past participants suggests a time commitment of about an hour per day. We’ve designed the course schedule with daily to-do tasks to help you keep on track.

Is this different to the New Moodle courses I heard about last week?

Yes! The New Moodle courses only covered features and functions of Moodle that changed when we upgraded on June 27. Those courses were designed for users who were already very familiar with editing and building Moodle courses. This course is different because it covers all the editing functions, not just those that are new to Moodle as of the upgrade. This course has been fully updated so that all the materials and activities are fully up-to-date to reflect the current version of Moodle that we are using at Royal Roads (Moodle 3.2).

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

You can register for the course by completing the registration form.