NAOSH week: it’s a wrap!


There has been lots of excitement on campus this week with daily events to support NAOSH Week (North American Occupational Safety and Health). 

The official kick off for NAOSH week began on Monday morning  and included a small (and excited) group of volunteers who greeted staff, students and guests as they arrived on campus.  Interestingly, we saw one person on a cell phone, a few speeders and one staff member (who shall remain nameless) who got so swept up in our excitement that she removed both of her hands from the steering wheel to cheer us on!  Thank you to those that honked their horn and gave a wave, perhaps you were trying to tell us to get out of the way but we acknowledged these acts as a sign of support.

Monday also was the start of the colouring contest for both adults and children. Just a reminder to please submit your entries to the library attention: Paris Carr by Friday May 11 @ 5pm for a chance to win!  

Tuesday was another exciting day as Colwood Fire Department met participants in P3 to share information on how to properly discharge a fire extinguisher in the event of a small fire. It was also very interesting to learn about the different classes of extinguishers and including what types we have on campus. At the end of this informative session was the opportunity for participants to experience what it is like to pull the pin and extinguish a (controlled) fire.

Wednesday was a Building Resilience Workshop presented by one of RRU’s counsellors, Gemma Fraser. In this session participants were able to learn about strategies to manage the day to day stressors in life.

Thursday offered the opportunity for the RRU community to learn more about Emergency preparedness. In this session, participants discussed the need to know the risks in their area, the importance of having an emergency plan in place and supplies to sustain them and their family for at least 72 hours.  

If you missed all of the events above… not to worry! Today (Friday) @ noon is our final event: a Poison Plant Walk lead by RRU’s head gardener, Barrie Agar who will take you on a tour to share what poisonous plants lurk in our gardens. Meet at 12pm at the front of the Castle to join the group.

The JOHSC committee would like to thank everyone who has participated in this week’s events, we hope that it has helped raise awareness and provided a conduit for you to talk about safety in the workplace with your colleagues and at home with your family.