Narrative Matters 2016


Stories are a primary part of the human experience and how we relate to one another.  Narrative research taps into the power of stories to reveal new insights, engage others, create new community understandings of the history and visions of what peoples and communities want to become. The Narrative Matters conference 2016 will be held in Victoria from June 20 to 23, 2016 at the Victoria Conference Centre, with special events at both universities. This biennial international conference was held in Paris in 2012 and 2014, but it originated in Canada. Bringing the conference to Victoria, B.C. is a collaborative effort between Royal Roads University and the University of Victoria. Narrative Matters will attract scholars from across the globe as well as allowing both RRU and the University of Victoria to showcase the narrative research of scholars from both institutions.

The conference theme is “How narrative transforms peoples and communities”. Narrative Matters 2016 will bring together narrative researchers and practitioners from disciplines across the arts and humanities, social sciences, professions, indigenous communities and others.

Conference streams will include:

  1. Narrative methodologies and what we mean by narrative 
  2. Research in narrative care, practice and therapy
  3. Narrative in literary studies
  4. Narrative research in leadership, policy making, organizations, media and society
  5. Narrative research and Indigenous Peoples
  6. Narrative research in the professions

The conference will be co-chaired by Brigitte Harris of RRU’s School of Leadership Studies and Catherine Althaus-Kaefer of UVic’s School of Public Administration.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to help, please contact or The NM website will go live later in September: